Future Meetings


13th, 12:30 PM
Small Works
1900 E. Jefferson Ave. 
Detroit, MI 48207


11th, 12:30PM
Detroit Public Library, Main Branch
Burton Historical Collection
5201 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48202

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Apr 13th
Small Works
1900 E. Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, MI 48207

12:30 p.m.

May 11th
DPL, Main Branch
Burton Historical Collection
5201 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48202
12:30 p.m.

Off for APA

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Summary of Group
Location / Contact Info
The Amalgamated Printers’ Association was organized in 1958 as a hobby printers group so that members could improve their skills, expand their knowledge, and exchange samples of their letterpress work. Today, the APA consists of both professional and amateur letterpress printers, but our emphasis is still on the exchange of members’ letterpress printing and information on sources of equipment and better printing practices.
You can find the contact forms for members of the APA, as well as how to join, on their website or by clicking here. 
The American Amateur Press Association is a nation-wide non-profit organization of amateur journalists founded in 1936. The purpose of the association is the promotion of amateur journalism and fellowship of amateur writers, editors, printers, and publishers; and the circulation of their work among the membership.
You can find the contact form for the AAPA here. 

The CT&PM is a "working museum" that allows you to get a hands-on look at the history of printing in the Greater Cincinnati Area. The equipment you see is fully functional, and still being used on a regular basis by local artists and the museum's job training program. The museum is dedicated to bringing awareness to career options in the Print Media Industry, and helping break the cycle of addiction in the community of Price Hill by providing training, jobs, and dignity to its people. It is open for tours by appointment. See the website for details.
Cincinnati Type & Print Museum
2307 8th St W, Cincinnati
OH 45204

(513) 914-5722

Michigan printing enthusiasts who are interested in the art and craft of letterpress printing. With Pilots and Heidelbergs, Linotypes and Ludlows, metal and wood type (with some interesting alternatives although, as of yet, no one has 'fessed up to polymer plates), we enjoy putting ink to paper and sharing our knowledge and discoveries. Membership is open to all and there are no fees. We meet approximately quarterly at members' homes.
If you would like to join us or find out more information, send an email to Arie at: koelewyn@msu.edu
Founded in 1962, the Monks & Friars are dedicated to preserving the knowledge and craft of Letterpress Printing. Based in Detroit, MI.
Letterpress (Facebook Group)
A gathering of all things letterpress, printing, typography and book arts related, with a membership of around 12,000. at the time of this listing. 
Contact through Facebook group.
Greetings Pacific Northwest Printers, Print Makers, Book Binders and Letterpress Enthusiast's. After travelling the PNW, searching in barns, derelict buildings and musty basements, I have found some incredible finds.  The group is a place to show off your letterpress, art and print related finds. Possibly create a running restoration journal, an information forum, sales and want ad classifieds.
Contact through Facebook group.

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