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Return to Greenfield Village
Gerald F. Schulze
In 1980, the members of Monks & Friars Chapel met with Greefield Village to help set up a working print shop. In March ‘22, we returned to give advice and assistance on it’s return. 

You can read more by clicking here.
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In Memory of
Stanley Cousins
Richard Nettlow
A founding member of the Monks & Friars, Stanley (Stan) Cousins was a long time employee of the now defunct Detroit Times.

You can read more by clicking here.
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25 Years of the
Democratic Free Press

Ralph Rinaldi
In 2006, M&F member Ralph Rinaldi gave an account of the first 25 years of the Democratic Free Press.

Ralph has now been with the Detroit Historical Society for 41 years.  You can read more here. 
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Will There Ever be “New” Presses?
Gerald Flynt Schulze
There hasn’t been any new letter presses made in the last 30 years. However, there are a few people making new parts, restoring old presses, and a new pilot being sold on the market oversseas. Will there be new presses?

You can read more by clicking here. 
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M&F Meeting
In October, ‘21, the M&F and friends met at Jim Horton’s house in Ann Arbor, MI to have the monthly meeting, and to look through Jim’s extensive collection of press supplies. 
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