Future Meetings


13th, 12:30 PM
Small Works
1900 E. Jefferson Ave. 
Detroit, MI 48207


11th, 12:30PM
Detroit Public Library, Main Branch
Burton Historical Collection
5201 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48202

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Apr 13th
Small Works
1900 E. Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, MI 48207

12:30 p.m.

May 11th
DPL, Main Branch
Burton Historical Collection
5201 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48202
12:30 p.m.

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Foundry / Business
Notes on Type and Casting
Notes on Spacing and Strip Material
All type is cast from English Monotype .050" drive matrices. All type is made to order, there is no standing inventory. There is a good selection of fonts for bookmaking. 
Spacing is made to order. 
Emphasis on decorative faces, with very reasonable prices. There is an active inventory of type and ornaments, as well as the ability to make on order. 
Spacing is avialble, sold as mixed bags of material. 
Machine COMPOSITION is done on a 15x15 Lanston Composition Caster from 4 to 24 point. Metal can be returned for credit toward next purchase. 
Spacing is avialable for purchase, and made to order. 
NA Graphics holds the remnants of the Dale Guild Type Foundry and many of the fonts left over at ATF. There is a listing availalble online, but you can call and ask for other fonts possible not listed. 
NA Graphics does not have spacing materails, but does have brass and copper thins. 
Foundry in Whittington, Gloucestershire, England, that has monotype offerings as well as fine printed books. Both casts on request and has an active inventory. 
M&H has type on hand, and has the ability to make on order. There is a large collection of availalble type, initials, handy fonts, and ornaments. 
Spacing and strip material is avialable for purchase. 
Monumental Type Foundry
Foundry of R.E. Magill, casting many faces, initials, and ornaments on a Thompson caster. 
Has active inventory of fonts, and will cast specifically for projects. 314-302-8775
As of 2022, Rainer-Gerstenberg is no longer casting type, but they are still selling what they have left. The last “hard metal” foundry, this is the last chance to get newly cast foundry type.
Cast type in inventory until supplies are gone.
Has an active inventory of fonts for sale, and will cast type on contract.
Stip material and rule is available and can be cut to size, call for information on spacing.  
The last type foudry in Taiwan. Casts foundry type on demand, has active inventory, and has the ability to make new matricies and cast new type. 
For wood type, click here.

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